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Our wheelchair dogs are unlikely to ever be rehomed. They will need ongoing, dedicated care for the rest of their lives. Sponsors help us provide nutritious food, clean drinking water and the medical care they need to grow up healthy and strong.

You will also be helping to pay for their bespoke wheelchairs, which need maintaining and replacing if the dog is a growing puppy. 

Below is a breakdown of the initial setup costs involved for taking each disabled dog into our care. This does not include the cost of any operations they need, ongoing medical care, food, or any other costs incurred:

Worming treatment rs200
7 in 1 vaccine rs800
Booster rs800
Rabies vaccination rs250
Wheelchair rs6000
Neutering rs1500

Total: rs9550 which is approximately £100 / €116 / $123

Please note we have worked with our partners at Rescuemania to set up a sponsor program, so when you click below you will load the Rescuemania store, where you can learn about our available dogs for sponsor.

Read the stories of our wheelchair dogs, consider sponsoring, and you could help make sure they grow up healthy, happy and safe.

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