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1. ON THE STREET/BEACH   •    2. VOLUNTEER   •   3. DONATE   •   4. FOSTER   •   5. ADOPT
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You can always tell that a dog has visited us at ARC as they'll have a small slit/triangle cut out of their ear – this means not only have they have been looked after by us but also sterilised and vaccinated against rabies and other diseases.

Here are some good tips for when meeting stray, beach dogs:


  • Please DO NOT pick up any individual or litters of puppies or kittens and bring them to us, if the mother doesn’t appear to be with them she will most likely be looking for food herself. If you see any puppies or kittens that appear to be alone please call us and we will advise!

  • Please DO feed the dogs and cats especially at the end of the tourist season when the monsoon is close – if you are eating in a restaurant ask them to parcel any leftovers. You can now also buy bags of Pedigree dog biscuits from shops both in Palolem and Chaudi.

  • Please DO call us if you see a dog in discomfort and notice a neat hole in its body (may look like a puncture or a bite) this is usually a maggot wound – call us immediately as maggots can consume a lot of flesh from within the animal very quickly.


If you see an animal in need then please don’t hesitate to give us a call

(+91) 0832 264 4171 / (+91) 966 56 36 264


Drop in:

We'd love for you to join our team for the day! You can just drop by and get stuck in with walking dogs, feeding time, cuddling puppies and kittens etc! We're always in need of an extra pair of hands around the place.

Go to the'Visit Us'  page to be able to find out how to get to us.

Volunteer Programme:

However, if you want to commit yourself a little more permanently, then we have volunteer programme from  2 weeks to 3 months where you can get a little more involved. 


Vets and Vet Nurses:

We are ALWAYS looking for veterinary professionals to help train vet students to neuter as well as provide first class veterinary care to the animals of  South Goa.


Veterinary Students:

Working with our partners Vets and Wildlife we also provide placements for clinical veterinary students for their extra-mural studies.


ARC Goa rely solely on donations from tourists and local fundraising events to keep the shelter running

• You can donate things like bedding, food, old towels, sheets, pillows straight to the centre if you're staying nearby in Goa. We are always in need of food (adult and puppy/kitten), bedding, old towels, sheets, pillows and clothes.

• You can also donate money directly through to us via Paypal which all goes towards keeping the shelter running. 

• If you're not within visiting distance you can visit our Amazon Wishlist here and order things from and have it delivered directly to the Animal Rescue Centre.


If you're staying in Goa for a few months or more, there are always animals that need temporary fostering. 

Come and visit us at the centre to talk more about fostering or drop us an email at 



For permanent residents of Goa, or those who are prepared to follow the animal export/import procedures of India and their country of residence, we can discuss adoption with you. So many of our animals are looking for a home, could you offer them a loving and safe place to live? Pop in to see us or email 

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