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 Keep up to date with all our shelter news here! 

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Monsoon feeding programme

We are about to start our monsoon feeding programme with a team who go out every day to feed the beach dogs and other local strays who struggle to find food and fresh water outside of the tourist season. We will update with pictures and videos on our social media accounts as we go round visiting all the hungry little faces! 

If you would like to donate towards food for the feeding programme, please click the button under the picture and mention "monsoon feeding".

Animal wheelchairs

As of May 2022 we have 11 paralysed dogs in our care, and only 2 working wheelchairs. We are the only shelter in the area who take paralysed animals and due to the nature of their disabilities they will usually stay with ARC for life.

We work with a local supplier to get the best possible wheelchair for each individual animal, however as they grow and change, not to mention wear and tear, we are always needing new wheelchairs and spare parts.

If you would like to donate, please click the GoFundMe button or click the "Sponsor an ARC dog" button to start a monthly donation.

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Shelter repairs

To prepare for the annual monsoon season, we are working hard on our shelter roofing which was partially destroyed by previous storms. This is still underway as materials and labour can be expensive on top of our regular running costs.

As well as repairing the roof sections, we are always looking to improve the animal recovery areas and the outdoor play spaces. If you would like to donate towards the maintenance and improvements of the shelter, please use the button under the picture on the left

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