ARC was founded in 2005 by Janie after she fell in love with Goa. At the time the area was plagued by roaming packs of wild dogs. Every monsoon, the dogs would be rounded up and a mass cull would take place. “The cull was horrific" she says. “It happened because there was no local sterilisation or vaccination program in place".

To combat the lack of veterinary services and merciless ending of animal lives in South Goa, Janie set up a makeshift treatment and vaccination centre in the front room of her house. For 7 years countless dogs, cats, cows, birds, monkeys and leopards were treated by Janie, a team of local doctors and a growing team of animal-loving volunteers. By 2012, Janie raised enough money to move the animal rescue to the current location where Animal Rescue Centre continues to thrive today. Over the last 15 years, we've vaccinated thousands cats and dogs, performed countless steralisations on dogs and cats, and decreased human-animal conflict by acting as an intermediary. We look forward to having you join us in our mission to act as a first class veterinary response to the animals of Goa!



Our vision is a world which no longer needs us.



Our mission is to act as a first class, non profit, veterinary response to the high volume of stray animals in South Goa.

Official Address:

Animal Rescue Center

Left under the railway bridge, Near Canacona train station. Opposite Chapolim Dam

City: Canacona

State: GOA 


Email: volunteers@arcgoa.in

Phone: (+91) 0832 264 4171

             (+91) 966 56 36 264

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