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Help us provide vital veterinary services to animals in need.

Transforming the life of animals in South Goa

It is our mission to rescue and treat ill or injured street animals in South Goa.

and through their rescue inspire the community to care for the lives of all animals.

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What a couple of years it has been!

As our followers will know, we have been working flat out during the COVID pandemic and have faced many unforeseen challenges, not just with the virus taking its toll on staff and travellers to the area but also with the upkeep of the shelter itself and with a large amount of puppies and kittens being dumped at the shelter with no note or support.
Despite the challenges we have continued to provide food, shelter, vaccinations and general medical care for hundreds of animal, completed our annual monsoon feeding program, navigated centre repairs after severe cyclones, implemented our animal birth control programme and provided food parcels to migrant workers stuck in Goa during the pandemic.

In 2021 along with the usual cats, dogs and cows needing medical care, we have rescued a wild langur suffering with spinal damage from a road traffic incident. As the only shelter in the area, it is now vitally important our team have better equipment to help give the most effective treatment to all the animals who need our help.


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